Teens touch rock in woods-get superpowers

So I would have seen this one in about 1995-2001? It would have been on US cable in English- Disney, HBO maybe? I don’t know I it was a made for tv or an actual move, but it was kinda lame even as a teen so….

So what I remember is that the first teen or two were perhaps being bullied so they would leave school and wander the woods. They came across a rock and they found that if they touched it they got a different super power. Eventually like 4 or 5 had powers? I don’t remember if it was alien or radioactive. I never got to finish as my dad came home and he got the tv. I remember that it felt like it seemed a bit captain earth/power rangers in plot at the time, and when under the dome came on tv the first season it joggers my memory when they found the source in the woods as it was near identical (at least if my memory 15 years or whatever later was the same).

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  1. The name of the movie you’re looking for is called The Source, directed by Steve Taylor, written by Roger Khristian Jones and Steve Taylor. It was released in 2001 and starred Mathew Scollon, Melissa Reneé Martin, Edward DeRuiter, and Alice Frank as the four high school outcasts who finally find ties, to each other, when a mystical stone in the woods gives them god-like powers… and they set about taking control back in their lives… but at great cost. You were correct re the bullying—all four of them were struggling in school in one way or another. Another movie came out a few years after this movie that ripped it off something fierce called Chronicle, starring Michael B. Jordan, iirc.

    I can’t explain why but from the first time I saw The Source on Showtime Beyond, it stayed with me, kind of haunted me. I couldn’t defend it among my peers but it really affected me. What can I say—I’m a sucker for cult classics. There was palpable chemistry among the four leads. Even though the budget may have been limited and the special effects weren’t on level with a Marvel adaptation, there’s something about it that keeps me coming back to it every now and then.

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