(teens) guy and girl fall in love, and run from the law

I need serious help in remembering the name of a movie! I’ve tried Googling many dif ways, I get nothing 🙁

the premise is about a teen guy who is in some kind of juvenile jail, and a teen girl in a Catholic school, I think(?) / there’s a part in the beginning where the girl is floating in the water, very still and peaceful / the guy sees her…. they eventually sneak around and start seeing each other / alot of stuff happens in-between, and both teens find themselves running from the law / at the very end of the movie, they slip past the law, are seen by them jumping off the cliff / their bodies can’t be found and are presumed dead / then it shows them coming up from the river bank, and onwards towards a cabin, where they will live their life, happy and in love….

anyone at all even remember this movie????? I really would love to see it again, but I just cannot remember the name :/ please, help if you know?

I’m just guessing, but think it came out in the mid to late 80s, or very early 90s at best, but I’m more guessing the 80s….

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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!! I ~~~~~LOVE~~~~~ you ❤ thank you, that’s it!!!!!!!!! 😆 I’m so happy now, I can finally watch this again!!!! honestly, thank you again, so much!!!!!

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