Teenage girl who enter a sect (I think?) and then escape from it

I barely remember about that movie I watched 3-4 years ago that was on the channel ARTE I live in Switzerland (where we speak French) and I’m pretty sure it was in english there were subtitles. I guess it was an independent movie or a short film whom I just remember some passages.

That was about a brunette young girl who shaved her hair when she enter a “sect” where the guru was really mean he even once pee on her when he put her in a hole as a punishment. They worked in vineyards or just yards and they had to work as a community.

There was a moment when a woman (maybe her mother) tried to make her come back but I cannot be sure if I’m just confusing two different movies.

I remember that at the end she just left with one of the group who followed her and they had that extra cool mini-bus like those Volkswagen one it was blue or turquoise that is the last scene of the movie. Then they just go out of the bus and laugh and walk on a long desert road.

Searching on google I found that movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene” which really look alike but I know this is NOT the movie I watched.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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