teen comedy

  1. watched in 2009 year on TV
  2. colored teen comedy most likely from some european country (not engish speaking)
  3. I remember a piece of the plot: In general, 2 friends went with their parents and the younger brother of one of them to relax in nature with tents. The guys wanted to have sex with girls, just nearby was something like a camp for girls. The guys tried to make love with them, one of them succeeded. He took the girl to the barn and they almost already started kissing when calling him from his mother to find out where he was. He replied that he was with the cow in the barn, and the girl heard this and thought that she had said this about her and went away.
  4. Another piece of the plot: because of a joke of this younger brother, a visually impaired woman went into the shower room when there were these guys

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