Suspense movie filmed entirely on an Airplane

I believe the entire movie was set on an airplane. I also think it was a British movie. I remember seeing it some time between 2011-2013, so I think that’s when it was released. I know I watched it shortly after a movie called “The Exam,” was released and they seemed to have the same general plot. It was in color and English was the language.

A group of people wake up on an airplane and don’t know how they got there. Or maybe they all boarded a plane with a destination but they won’t go to the destination until a certain demand is met. I believe it is the first thought though.

A voice comes on the speaker system and starts telling people to do things to other passengers or people they know, friends/family, will get hurt. In some scenes you see said friends/family being held hostage and getting tortured or killed until one of the passengers does what they are told.

The passengers couldn’t get into the cockpit. I think the guy that is flying the plane is the guy over the intercom, but it may be remotely flown as well.

I remember one guys wife/girlfriend was a hostage and they showed a bad guy going to the house to kill her unless a task was done. His friend/brother was a hostage as well and he got killed because they thought it was a joke or something of that sort.

That’s pretty much all I can remember. I hope someone can help me.

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