Suspense movie about a woman being stalked

Okay so this movie, which I’m pretty sure I saw on lifetime (almost positive it was made for tv so most likely lifetime but could have been on Oxygen or another channel that hosts these), is about a woman with kids (one of the kids names might be Cody?) who begins being stalked by an unknown person. This stalker calls her a lot and at one point tells her if she calls the police he will go after her children. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but would love to watch it again but can’t seem to find the name. I can’t remember if she was married or not (I think she was divorced?). There was one scene where someone in a dark truck or suv follows her and she either is rear ended by him or something that prompts her to pull over and try to approach the vehicle, but every time she steps closer to the car, the driver backs up. When she gives up (having a bad feeling) and returns to her car, the driver seems to be continuing to follow her. It’s really bothering me I can’t figure this out, especially since there’s a lot of tv movies about stalkers but none of the ones I’ve found are the right ones

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