Surreal French Film 1960’s

I don’t have much info on this movie. I seen part of it years ago on TCM or AMC ( or a similar channel that showed old movies. It’s a black and white film from the 1960s judging from the hairstyles and clothes. The actors are French so I’m assuming it was a French film. The main actress may have been a big name or at least became big name later in her career. It involved something to do with occultish/illumanati stuff. The woman was protecting a boy from, I believe people involved in intelligence services, as I got a spy vibe from the film. The boy may or may not have had some kind of psychic ability. I had seen promotional material for the film online way back when and the poster had occultish symbols, the main one that I can remember clearly was a hand with an eye in the palm. It was a weird film and had a very surreal feel about it.

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  1. Nevermind. I found it. Though the plot line is a lot different. It’s a Secret World starring Jacqeline Bisset. IMDB has a press photo from the movie of the boy with the eye painted on his own palm. I think I was mixing details from another movie with this one.

    1. Of course if anyone knows of a film that matches my original description of the film, let me know. I think I was originally led to identify Secret World as the film in question on account of the eye-hand symbology.

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