Supernatural Type Movie

Ok, hi, just want to say I’ve been searching for this movie since I was a kid and it has been killing me nit knowing what it is. Possible early 2000 movie.

 What I remember is two guys visiting this place (no idea but its in the woods) and end up crashing on a broken down bridge? and one of them gets impaled or injured on a fence post. It gets dark and they end up finding two other girls who have crashed. These girls are doomed to repeat their crash forever or something as they are dead and the two guys find out that they have to get out of that place before sunrise. Theres like this killer after them too and they hide in this little room thing in a house while the killers banging on the door. The two guys eventually end up driving back over the now broken bridge? (dukes of hazzard style) but one of them, the passenger, dissapears as the sun comes up revealing that he was dead all along, killed by the fence post.

Vague I know but if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks

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