Supernatural Movie

Maybe its a lifetime movie, I’m not sure, Its from the 90s or the 80s, I remember five scenes from it:  Scene 1- A young lady was running (exercising) when she felt someone watching her but when she turned around there was no one there but actually it was the spirit of a woman that was murdered. Scene 2- One night when she was sleeping and woke up she saw footprints on the ground and followed them ,Scene 3- She was showing her boyfriend a photo and he was getting upset, Scene 4- She went to the place where the woman was murdered and she touched a chair or tree trunk and had a vision of the murder, Scene 5 it ended with a bracelet and it was engraved with love always or love forever and the dead woman smiling

7 thoughts on “Supernatural Movie

    1. Its similar to the gift, I dont think the cast are that popular as in the gift,I like buddy in the gift, Have u seen talking to heaven and a vision of murder? The movie is more like a vision of murder with melissa gilbert

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