strange drive in movie from the late 70’s to early 80’s

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Movie question #3.

I remember going with a significant other the the drive in movies in my old 1968 Bel-Air station wagon (the “Mean Green Lovin’ Machine”) to um, watch the movies. Well actually, we were watching the movies, starting halfway through the first one, if you get my drift. It was one of those very cheap movies probably shot in 16mm that were made for the drive ins at that time (other greats like “used cars”, “Hollywood Knights” and countless trash flicks set in modern Egypt with mummies were the standard fare back then before the internet and less morally restrictive times). It was a fantasy movie where the main character has a three bladed sword, where the two outer blades were like a ballistic knife, in that the blades could be launched by pressing a button. There was a scene in the movie where some witch like woman does an incantation over a stone sarcophagus, and after she was finished, the lid slowly opens (of course), and eyes that were carved into the sarcophagus opened and started rolling in their sockets. Then this disgusting man that was covered in equally disgusting green slime rose up and killed the witch. It went down hill from there. The villain in the movie was named “Cromwell”. I would like to find this thing to show my grand kids today just what “bad movies” were like when I was their age.

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