Strange cartoon with forest fire

I remember a cartoon movie that I must’ve seen sometime in the early or mid 90s with a very strange animation style (looking back I think it was like the movie “Thief and the Cobbbler” but I may just be confusing the two in my head).  I remember a main scene where there is a forest fire and the main characters have to escape, and overall the movie being strange and somewhat scary for a young kid.

5 thoughts on “Strange cartoon with forest fire

  1. Fantastic Planet? If it ain’t that one and you like animation, watch it anyway. There is an english dubbed version. Its a bizarre story.

  2. VERY. maybe because it’s a Yugoslavian film repackaged for young American audiences by spiking a tale derived from regional folklore with gratuitous American political references (“J. Edgar Beaver!” “Barron Burr!”).

    the director/writer re-teamed for an even better sequel, Carobnjakov sesir (The Magician’s Hat), which can be enjoyed in unadulterated form here:

    no English subs, alas, or dub (fortunately).

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