Stop Motion Animated Musical Caveman Cartoon

I remember seeing this on VHS in the mid 90s, though it was probably older than that.  It was a stop motion cartoon involving cavemen, though I don’t recall if it was done with puppets or claymation, and one particular caveman who was a little smarter than most and had aspirations an ideas, but I don’t remember if they involved inventing things, music,  love, or all of those.  There were songs and I remember one part where the main character was building a house or something and singing the old 50’s doo wop song “The Book of Love”, but I may be misremebering that and that he may have just been singing a song that made frequent use of the phrase “I Wonder” that was done in doo wop style.  It was not an episode of the 90’s tv series Cro, but it proabably wasn’t too different from something like that.

4 thoughts on “Stop Motion Animated Musical Caveman Cartoon

    1. Nope. I came across Gogs while looking for information on this and it’s not that. I believe characters in this actually spoke real English as opposed to just grunts.

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