Static while running

So, back in the early to mid 1960’s I saw a B&W movie on TV in which an important character had a tall, clear chamber in which he could stand, and was occasionally seen with large, fishbowl sized vacuum tubes needed for the functioning of the chamber. The chamber and cetera allowed him to project an image of himself across town, where the image could pick up and move objects, so it was not just a picture. I remember a scene where he was talking to a colleague about melting and replacing these vacuum tubes at the top of the chamber (perhaps because of overload).

There was another scene when his image was seen running in a darkened street, it would sometimes have streaks, like old fashioned TV static appearing on it. There was also some talk about ‘distortion’ of the image, which I thought was describing the static lines. It is possible that the movie was set in England (possibly cobblestone streets and olde English homes, where he was running.)

I think that he developed distorted features on his face, after using the device for some time, perhaps like radiation burns. Someone suggested ‘The Curse of the Fly’, but the teleporter technology was too modern (It should be almost Jacob’s Ladders and sparks, like Frankenstein, not Blinkenlights) in that movie, and the transported person was lying down.

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