Squiggly Monster just wants his teddy

So I remember this movie from when I was probably 4 or 5 which would put it around 1990, but I’m almost certain it was on TV.

I remember two scenes, first one: man is searching for a monster in the sewers and the monster, the squiggly monster is what I called him because his skin was wrinkly, comes up to the man at a turn in the sewers and scratches him on the back.

Second scene is the very end where the police have finally caught the monster and he is sitting in a bunch of trash holding a teddy bear, which I was lead to believe, was all that the monster wanted.

I would love to know what this movie was!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Squiggly Monster just wants his teddy

  1. it’s actually Watchers II (1990). hard to remember which film is which with this franchise, as 1, 3, and 4 are all (very) rough takes on the same source material. But this is exactly how Watchers II ends. and the monster makeup can indeed be described as “squiggly.”

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