Spy/Crime/Dectective Couple Drawing Tattoos on Each Other

I think this was a 60’s or 70’s foreign language film (possibly French or Italian) and in colour. There was a man and a woman who were either spies but more likely criminals or detectives – very glamorous. At various times in the film they would draw tattoos or pictures on each other (or it may have been just him drawing on her)

The scene I remember the most is she receives a phone call while in bed. The call is from the man who is watching from down below, outside her window. Naked she moves to the window. He says something about her getting dressed. From the back you see her take the tattoo pencil and draw the straps of a dress onto her shoulders.

Been bugging me for a while now so good luck…

4 thoughts on “Spy/Crime/Dectective Couple Drawing Tattoos on Each Other

  1. Modesty Blaise (1966) – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060708/

    From the New York Times review of the movie: “It is funny — indeed, trenchant — when Monica Vitti as the gaudy heroine pencils the neckline of a dress across her shoulders to provide some cover for her bare torso …”

  2. “Modesty Blaise” is a personal favorite movie of mine. You can’t get much more “sixties” than this. Glad to be some help, RandomMan!

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