Sort of soft-core parody of X-Files & Species

I remember seeing this movie in my preteen years after my parents left me home alone to go out. There are some scenes I vaguely remember, mainly because they had (I was 11 and wasn’t allowed to watch movies that late for this exact reason) sex in them.
I remember there being a scene where a group of scientists brought back a ‘plantlike creature’ from a space mission, and putting it into soms sort of microwave. It then began to evolve and take over someone’s mind/body in order to satisfy itself with whatever there was to take. Food/women/whatever.
Then there was this X-Files like duo trying to solve this ‘mystery’. Meanwhile the alien was seducing everyone left and right and taking over their bodies to ultimately get to a male (?) plant-alien-thing in a cave somewhere. The X-Files duo find that location by driving around with a woman who claims to be interacting in some way with the alien by touching herself.
Now, this movie had to be pre-2000 but post-1995, because it was influenced heavily by the 1995 movie Species (I saw it later and reminded me of my mystery movie) and probably was rated R or X at the time, I don’t know.

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