Sorry for short clues

Hi all,

I saw this movie in tv during the 90s. It is coloured.

All I could remember is that

1: there are 2 children. 1 boy 1 girl crawling under their blanket to go to a different world.

2: lastly their parents crawl too to save their lifes.

I could not even remember on why are they crawling and who is the bad characters.

I would like to thank you all if any of you can help me with the movie title.

thank you

5 thoughts on “Sorry for short clues

  1. The storyline is a bit weird, just about the two kids that keep crawling under blanket during night after their parents are asleep.
    Then they will eventually be in another different world.

    I have checked the movies that you all helped suggest, not the correct 1…

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