Some robot movie

A movie where a robot replaces a boy who gets severely injured in an accident. But the boy comes back.
The movie is based around what you believe is human behavior and if humans can even be able to accept a robot as a son.

The movie goes onto sending him to a dump to be scrapped and destroyed by scrapping people.
But he escapes by aligning a catapult to send him to a place, a cave like one.
(That part may be false.)
I dunno most of it, but I know I cried my heart out.
Because Autistic kids like myself found it so relate able because we didn’t understand emotions at the age of the child.
I know I watched this movie between 2000 and 2013.
It was in English and in Color.

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  1. A.I., I’m certain of it! I loved it very much, saw it only once long time ago but remember a lot of details I was so impressed.

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