Some obscure thriller from presumably the 90s

Hello, I have not seen this supposedly American film myself. I just want to help one girl who complains that she has been looking for it for ten years without success.
According to the plot, a young single mother gets married. Her husband takes her to his house, located in the middle of nowhere. Some strange things begin to happen. She constantly has nightmares. In them some shaggy one wanders around, and someone’s ominous whisper is heard. In the whisper you can make out the name Caroline (but this is not certain). Perhaps this is her name.
In addition, the heroine found some kind of workshop in the forest. And there were strange, creepy pictures in it, perhaps drawn by this husband of hers.

There was also an episode with a death in the stable. Some woman, either his mother or his nanny, fell into a trough and was electrocuted

In addition, they had a child together. He died. Then (as far as this girl who is looking for the film remembers) it turns out that this psychotic husband killed this common child of theirs.

No matter how much I Googled, the result was zero. I think either the film is very little known, or maybe this girl has some faulty memories. But nevertheless, hope dies last. Thanks in advance for any hints.

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