Some kind of cabin in the woods’esque movie?

So I’ve been remembering random scenes from old movies a lot recently and the only one I havent been able to assign a title to is this one. The following is everything I remember, or think happened, in that movie.

  • 3 youths, a girl and two guys, live together in a cabin/house in a forest. Maybe they all ran away from home, I dont know.
  • the girl has an open relationship with them, taking turns making love to them (i dont think it was very graphic)
  • the guys at some point “demand” she cant simply do that with both of them and want to know who she prefers.
  • during some later scene, they’re in a rowing boat or something out on a lake (I think) and one of the guys either falls out and disappears or just somehow vanishes..

I realise that isnt much to go on. I saw it quite a number of years ago on TV. Must have been roughly 12 years ago..? It might have been a series, but I think it was a movie. Anyways thanks in advance to anyone ho bothers to try and help me find out what the name of this was. Thanks

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