Some help with this movie?

I remember seeing this movie around 2008, and it was an English movie, but not necessarily from the U.S. A few parts I remember from the movie was that:

  1. The main character had migraines or something, and I’m not sure but I think maybe every time he had a migraine he went somewhere else (not the Butterfly Effect).
  2. Either the main character or someone else was trying to remember how they got to this place, and he remembered they were having a meeting in this kind of wooden meeting hall. Something wrong happened and he, or someone else ended up killing everyone in the meeting hall.
  3. The main character and another girl ended up having sex in a small shack while they were trying to hide from something. Then either they jumped to another location, or either the guy or girl changed into something. At least, something bad happened after they had sex.
  4. I remember a lot of the scenes took place in a forest, but they jumped to different places too, and some were very dream-like.

13 thoughts on “Some help with this movie?

    1. No, that’s not it. The entire movie felt very dream-like, and it had more of a The Cube-feel, where the main characters are trapped in another dimension and are trying to get out.

    1. It’s a full color movie, not black and white. I almost thought it was The I Inside, but I don’t think it took place in the “real world”. Like I said, it felt very dream-like, almost as if they were in another dimension. They were isolated, not within any modern buildings. If I watched more movies maybe I could it describe more in detail…

        1. It’s not Lost Highway. I remember another scene, where they (the guy and girl) got/walked/transported into another area where it was very peaceful and bright, had a huge plain of grass and it was very bright. Another area, I think, was very weird, strange.

    1. Pia meant the movie Jumper. I have no idea which one it is. But I thought I would put the correct title out there in case the OP wanted to check it out.

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