Soldier, naked apart from a cap…!

I saw this film with soldiers/military in back in the late ’80s (or possibly very early 90s) on UK television. It was a colour film and, I think Amercian (but possibly British or Australian) and from memory it seemed contemporary, although I think it may have been set in WWII or at least sometime earlier than when it was filmed. The scene that stands out in my mind is the protagonist (I presume; and I don’t know who played him but he was 30ish with blue eyes, I think) standing completely naked, apart from a military cap, infront of a table (or at least row) of superiors – I think he was standing naked in defiance, and they were really p-ed off at him. I remember it being that most of the scene was shot with clear rear view 😉 Does anyone have a clue what this film might be? Please help!

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