Soldier Coming Home Movie

I remember movie where soldier has come home and he cant really remember how his squad got killed.
I believe one of his squad mates was a friend from the same town and that friends father finds a video on the internet showing the soldier driving away from his squad mates like he was abandoning them. he threatens to expose him and get revenge for his son.

when he is shown the video he starts having doubts about himself and wondered if he was actually running.

in the end soldier remembers that he was trying to take the enemies fire since they were in an ambush and were pinned down or something like that.

i saw the movie a few years back, it was in color and English, but that’s about all i can remember.


One thought on “Soldier Coming Home Movie

  1. I’m REALLY going out on a limb here, but I was immediately reminded of

    NCIS, s10, eps 06&07: Shell Shock.

    I also specifically remember rewatching these episodes years ago and thinking, “huh, I thought I’d seen that in a movie,” which is probably why I can’t shake it off now.


    Recaps I found helpful:

    It’s the last thing I checked because you specifically said it’s a movie, but I came up empty handed otherwise. It might be worth a shot.

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