Soccer players, Masks, and Falling Dumpster Murder

Now this is a weird one.

I saw this film in the late 90s/ early 00s on television. It was in English, in color.

What I remember: A man and woman are married. The man is a successful professional soccer player. At one point, a group of men break into the home and rape the wife. The men are wearing silver masks. She goes to the hospital and hallucinates about seeing the masked man in the hospital. Later, the husband is somehow injured and ends up in a wheelchair. Then, somehow, he ends up dead. The night after he is buried, the wife starts hearing the wheelchair moving. She goes toward the noise and sees the husband’s body in the wheelchair rolling towards her. She has a gun and opens fire on the corpse, riddling it with bullets. It turns out, someone had dug up the corpse and placed it in her home to scare her.

At that point, the film scared ME too much, so I stopped watching it for a bit. When I went back to it, the girl was seeking revenge on the men who assaulted her. At one point, I think she was running around a construction site, with the men following her. She rigs a dumpster to squish one of the men.

And that’s all I watched.

I was very little when I saw this and it really bothered me. What is this movie?!

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