Small film 2006-2012

(Most certain facts are bolded).  Filmed in American English and in color.  This was probably an independent movie on Netflix sometime between 2006 and 2012.  It might’ve been about a quirky/awkward, lanky, dark-haired teenage boy living with his mom in Arizona.  It used the song “Time Bomb” by The Format, in a strange dancing montage.  I think the poster/cover was the top half of the main character’s face (possibly wearing sunglasses) with blue sky above and the title of the movie written in clouds.  It was written, directed by, and starring the same guy, who I think was 18 at the time.  The actress playing the mother might have been fairly well-known.  The main character maybe had a crush on his cousin??  Thank you for your help, sorry this is so vague!!

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