Slow sci-fi movie, post-apocalyptic alien attack

I’m thinking it came out within the last 5 years, but I’m unable to find it anywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s an American movie that takes place in America. It takes place in a forest & other rural areas, with a few ruins.

A young woman (teenager or young adult) is traveling through a forest, using a handheld electrical device to follow her father’s path or map to find a safe place. She runs into a young man about her age & he ends up travelling with her to help her. They have to travel surreptitiously to stay undetected by floating alien machines. Come to fine out, the boy is actually an alien in disguise to find human survivors, but he’s programmed to think he’s a human & doesn’t remember anything prior to waking up recently. She reluctantly trusts him, & he never turns her in.

They eventually find the safe haven, only to find out it’s the last automated evacuation spaceship. The girl lets the alien boy come with her, even though the aliens would probably be able to track them to the new human planet through the boy.

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