ski-fi film with woman and man locked i capsule

Hello everyone, i saw this film in 2011-2015 on “СТС” chanel (in russian oficial dub). I remember only one scene and as kid i was terrified.

So, the scene was about man, woman and her genetic copyifed daughter/clone whos were locked in capsule. Clone was naked. They were covered with some kind of slime. They were panicking because or this capsule started to fill with water or oxygen started to run out and they had to decide who will will sacrifice himself to power the capsule to stop loosing oxygen. Capsule had some kind of a deepening  in the floor where you had to lie down and use your body to power it. The clone of woman/her daughter sacrificed herself to save woman and man. The deepening was round and glowing.

Please help, I’m searching for this film for 4 years now.

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