Skeleton in a Well scene from a mystery or horron film


Only a small part of this movie is stuck in my head, probably because it scared me. It is from the late 60s or early 70s on TV in English. It may be a  black and white film.

In the scene I remember there was a creepy skeleton that rose out of a well. I also remember that at the end of the movie it was revealed to be a fake, meant to scare someone to death and one of the characters shows the other that it was not real. That is all I got.

Help! I want to see it all again.

5 thoughts on “Skeleton in a Well scene from a mystery or horron film

    1. If you don’t wind up being able to find it, I’d give House on Haunted Hill a watch just in case. It has the same premise as you described where a character reveals it was all fake in the end. There is another scene when Vincent Price shows how the skeleton works too.

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