Six teenages (3 boys, 3 girls) in the house of a ghost woman

Thank you in advance for finding this movie!

I am looking for an old ghost movie (maybe black and white). I remember to watch it before 2003.

Here is the plot:

A group of teenages, probably 3 boys and 3 girls, after getting messy in a store, drove into a house. When passing the big gate, it liked went through the surface of water.
Shortly, a ghost woman flied from basement to the living room to greeted them. Then the teenages separated to other rooms.
The ghost woman kissed a boy and her tongue drilled his back head.
Then a boy having his leg injured was crushed under their car.
Then a girl was transformed into a ghost having cat claw. She scratched another girl whose arm would turned into a snake.
An inspector followed the teenages by the mess at the store, stabbed the ghost woman, and a boy dashed her to a tree by their car. After that, the ghost woman took out the heart of the inspector.
In the last scenes, a boy and a girl drove their car out of the house. When they passed the gate, the ghost woman tried to pulled the girl back. However, the boy and the girl successfully pulled the ghost woman out of the gate and the sun shine killed the ghost.
Finally, the boy and the girl fleed and their friends, now had been ghosts, clapping the window angrily.

The end.

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      1. Thank you very much, Jennagain! You solved the case! Now I can recall part of my childhood. I watched the film only one time almost 20 years ago in a house near my home. At that time I even didn’t know English to understand the script.

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