Since-Fiction movie from 80s-beginning of 90s. About Arcade hall

There is a hall with video games, playing which you can truly die. I remember one moment. The “host” of the hall offers a man to play. A man sits in a red convertible car, a girl’s mannequin sits in the passenger seat. There is a screen in fron of the car. The game begins. At first there is just a road, cars, usual city traffic. But suddenly some incredible road accident begins to occur. The man has to drive under a huge truck that has drifted abruptly. Somehow a man copes with the steering wheel, the game ends. A man is breathing heavily, his face is terrified. He looks at the mannequin, and its head is split. The “host” of the hall says something a la “this is just a game”.

4 thoughts on “Since-Fiction movie from 80s-beginning of 90s. About Arcade hall

    1. Its more complicated this time:
      “Nightmares” i will have to watch to tell, if its what i am searching for or not

      “Brainscan” – for sure, no.

      Thank you very much for your efforts.

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