Silent, color cartoon feature about a young boy gaining power

I saw this movie in a theater as a young boy in the 60’s.  It was a silent cartoon film and it was in color.  I believe there was music and sound effects but no talking that I can remember.  The story was about a young boy (could have been an animal like a little bear but I think it was actually a human boy) who gained great power from a much more powerful God-like being.  I know one of the powers he gained was the power of flight.  He misused his power in some way so the more powerful being exiled him to a cave on the side of a mountain for a year so he could think about what he had done.  He could see out a window across to the side of another mountain where there was a rug that the more powerful being had placed there on the side of that other mountain.  He could leave the cave only when the rug left the side of the mountain.  I think the rug somehow knew when the boy had learned his lesson.  I think several seasons went by before the rug left the side of the mountain.  You could tell the seasons were going by because there was snow, then heat, then rain, then the leaves turned brown on a nearby tree and fell off the tree.  That’s all I remember.

I appreciate any help. This movie had a powerful impact on me as a young boy.  Don’t know why it’s suddenly popping up in my mind now but, for some reason, I feel compelled to watch it again.

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Just an guy looking for the name of a cartoon film I faintly remember watching as a young boy in the 60's. It deeply affected me and now I'm trying to find the name.

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