short film set in 1960s Britain

I saw it on British television maybe a year ago, but could possible have been longer, it was set in the 1960s and was based around teenagers and I guess sort of coming of age.

The idea was that these teenagers had strict parents and snuck out to go to see bands, they would sneak out and put lipstick on and change into different clothes.

They were a group of teenage girls and some were more keen to break the rules than others.

They went to see a band, which in the 1960s these girls were referring to as a “new band” however the band obviously became big after this (I cannot remember which band it was).

It was in colour and it is was only about half an hour long, I can’t remember what channel it was on, BBC maybe?

I’m looking for it as it relevant to the piece I’m doing in my drama course at the moment, if anyone knows anything it would be a great help, thank you!



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