Short Film – Formal Dinner Where The Food Eats The Guests

I wanna say I saw this in a small theater when I was 7 – 10 years old, which would make it 1976 – 1979. It was cut out animation like the pilot episode of South Park. I don’t remember any dialog unless it was subtitled.


I think the food was already on a very large dining table before the guests arrived. It pans out the window or maybe over the edge of a balcony looking one flight down as well dressed guests arrive in their cars. The chatter builds as the number of guests grow and they eventually sit down. I don’t remember if the food is brought in by servants or is already on the table. As soon as everyone is sitting and starts to eat, the food attacks. One guest has their eye plucked out. Another reaches for a crab or lobster and it snips the hand off at the wrist. The food eventually eats everyone and I think sets itself back up on the table. Pan back out the window/over the balcony and more guests are arriving. It ends there.


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