Short film about a thief

A thief breaks into a house and starts to rob it. A woman comes home and surprises the thief and drops her groceries. She runs away and gets hit by a car but the thief doesn’t know it. Somehow she locks the thief in the house before she runs away. He tries to get out but he can’t. After a while he resigns himself to staying in the house and getting caught. He even be-friends the dog and cooks dinner. After a while a police man comes and thinks the thief is the woman’s husband. The thief then takes the dog and leaves. I think I saw it on HBO whenever I was little, in the mid 90s. It was in color. Please help!

3 thoughts on “Short film about a thief

      1. This film was actually nominated for an Oscar at the 1999 Academy Awards! I’m also pretty sure that HBO aired it around that time. I wish I could have found a copy for you to watch!
        I hope you will let us know if we can mark it ‘solved’!

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