Sexy woman with a shotgun kill cops and frees a guy in shackles

I watched a scene of the movie from Youtube a few years ago then I can’t find it anymore. It was an american movie from the 80s or 90s (probably) whose name I didn’t know. At the beginning of the scene, an attractive young lady with revealing clothes calls for help for her “broken down” car from a cop who’s guarding a guy in shackles. The cop comes over to help, she killed him while he’s checking the engine. Then she takes out a shotgun, shoots 2 more cops (one of which is black and unarmed, begging her not to kill him), then shoots at the shackles of a guy at distance and freed him (yeah, a sniper shotgun lol). Can anyone help me with the name of the movie please? Or maybe just find this clip on the internet? Thanks!

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