Sewer monster and abominable snowman

Hi, I’m trying to remember two separate movies. I saw both of them as a kid in the early 90s. The first was on cinemax and all I remember is there was a monster in a sewer and a guy and a woman were trying to track it down. The guy had some kid of tracking device. It was similar to The Relic but a different movie.

The 2nd I also used to watch in the early 90’s but I’m not sure when the movie was made. It was about  a group of people hunting an abominable snowman. I remember they had a truck with a camper on the back of it.

2 thoughts on “Sewer monster and abominable snowman

  1. Was the second movie a kind of schlocky, fun yet not-even-B-movie? If so, perhaps it was “Snowbeast.” The Yeti eats some skiers, and some law-enforcement officers don’t want to believe it–they claim it’s a bear. So some of the skiers go to hunt the beast, and I seem to remember they had a truck with a camper. I remember seeing this movie on cable in the late 80s. It may still have been playing in the 90s, too.
    The think I remember the most is when they used a “beast” point of view by sticking hairy fake arms in front of the camera, to show the beast grabbing his latest victim.

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