serial killer uses fax machine from church

I remember watching the movie probably in the early 2000’s on the WB back when they showed movies throughout the day on Saturdays. I just remember one scene where the serial killer used, I think, the fax machine either from the church or library to send messages to police so that they would have a harder time tracking him down.


Also if anyone else remembers, another movie that was on the WB was with this woman who dives down into the water to retrieve this chest. It was this creepy mystery  movie and I feel like that woman had some weird dual personality thing. (SOLVED)

I know I’m being vague,  but I’ve been trying to figure out what  those movies were when I was a kid for so long. Thanks

7 thoughts on “serial killer uses fax machine from church

  1. Good one Lindseyarm!Congrats on your first solve. Meanwhile this post can’t be marked “Solved” because there’s still another mystery movie out there.

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