serial killer moive

all i remember about this movie is its about a guy killing randomly he has a scene at the end where he talks about how he hates when people talk on the phone in movie theater and as we was getting away with a murder the killer goes into a move theater talking on the phone and a guy tells him to shut up and the killer just talks s** and continue talking and the guy shoots him and continues the movie. the movie looked like a documentary type cuz the killer talked to the camera the killer was like a thin white guy not a famous actor. the moive was under rated i know it was on netflix

5 thoughts on “serial killer moive

    1. no thats not it. the movie i remember was set in like new york and on the cover u can see his face with the city background the guy he wanted to be known for killing i remember he killed a couple in the park and strangled a woman in the tub he just walked in kill the and began to choking her out

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