Serial Killer kills while mom watches via video chat

I watched the movie sometime between 2018-19 on either hulu or hbo but possibly netflix. The movie was made with the last 15 years I think. The language was in English.

It’s about a white male serial killer in an Asian country, possibly Thailand. When he kills the women he sets up a video chat with his mom. His mom encourages him to rape and kill the women, she is in on it and aggressive. He’s an awkward nerd with oily slickback hair and likes big band music. He eventually meets a white girl as lonely and awkward as him and they eventually fall in love. They typically meet at an amusement park/carnival. Since he’s falling in love with the girl he wants to stop killing and stops contact with his mom but the girl disappears for some reason so he starts killing again with the mom. Turns out the girl was kidnapped by her cult family but was able to get away again. The girl is totally fine with him being a serial killer but the mom doesn’t like the girl and wants him to kill the girlfriend. He chooses the girlfriend. The stinger shows that eventually the guy went back to his mom and his mom brags something like, “mama always comes back.” Then he jumps at the girlfriend.

The rape and murder scenes are really graphic and a lot of female nudity.

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