Sequel of Slither (2006)

I want to know the title of the movie that I wanna to ask, this movie is advanced/sequel of slither (2006) but I’m sure that movie is much older than slither, like about 1980’s. Scene begins with a cat that has been infected with aliens / monsters from the flesh bitten by the cat (following the end scene of Slither), then the meat is breeding in a barn. Please remind me of the title of this movie if you know it. Thanks (sorry for my grammar suck)

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  1. Sure it was a cat? The Hidden II (1993) begins with an infected dog, and the aliens incubate in an abandoned steel mill.

    Zombie Town (2007), the unofficial sequel to prime Slither inspiration Night of the Creeps, also features alien-infected dogs.

    1. OMG!!! Thanks dude! it was really similar in the begins early scene of The Hidden (1993), I will watching till end first.

      1. i had a feeling.

        the first 12 minutes of The Hidden II consist of footage from The Hidden. that may be why it feels so familiar.

  2. Sounds like it’s The Hidden II, but I guess we need to wait for Helmonk316 to confirm before marking it Solved.

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