Seen the movie in the late 90s believe it to be action/horror.

Hello Everyone,

I just found this site and hope someone here can help me find the name of this movie that has been haunting me since I was a teenager.

The first scene I remember involved these machines that traveled under the ground and would fling themselves at people using spinning blades to tear them apart. I remember there being a crashed C47 plane however cannot remember what role it had in the movie.

I also remember the characters entering a building where these children’s dolls where lined up against the wall which turned out to be traps and when triggered their mouths would open up and green balls containing some sort of toxic gas was released.

The final scene which admittedly may not even be from the same movie was the hero’s of the movie looked for refuge inside of a home, the home turned out to be full of traps a child dressed in a devil costume lived there his family had apparently been killed.

I seem to remember this movie being a post-apocalyptic style movie.

Unfortunately at this point for all I know this movie could have been a TV show or who knows even a dream so I do not expect anyone to know but if you do, you would relieve an extremely nagging aspect of my memory.

Thank you for reading my poorly remembered explanation.

4 thoughts on “Seen the movie in the late 90s believe it to be action/horror.

  1. You are my hero, I have been looking for the name of this movie for over 10 years. Would like to find out where the other movie memories came from but I am not greedy.

    Thank you so very much.

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