Seen on TV in 2000 Criminal/Comedy

I’ve seen this movie in TV in 2000 while I was in Austria, movie was in English. I’m pretty sure it was a movie not some kind of TV series. The movie is about some mafia or alike criminal group and the scene is that SWAT team raids their building. One of criminals gets one-on-one with SWAT member and puts his hands on his head and then pulls a knife from his back and throws at this SWAT guy but misses and knife ends up stuck in this SWAT guy’s helmet. While SWAT guy takes notice of the knife criminal says “Shit happens” and SWAT guy shoots the criminal.

There is another scene I remember but I’m not 100 percent sure that it was the same movie – more like 85 percent 🙂 One of the criminals walks downstairs holding a gun and then trips on a stair and accidentally shoots one of his fellow criminals.

Thank you in advance for helping me with this movie as I’m trying to find this movie for quite some time now.

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