Searching for Horror Movie about a haunted house

I can’t remember any trivia about the film except for this:
There’s the part of a story, to which many people want to relate to, a young couple is trying to find a house, and got a real bargain with this one. Can’t remember correctly, but I think they had a daughter.
They move into the house, and come across a “presence” which resides in the house.
I can remember one scene in particular, because it defines the movie for me:
The Woman is outside the house, looks up to a certain window in the upper part of the house and sees two red dots (eyes) staring at her.
This is really all I remember. I can’t figure out if it lived in the walls, if it’s a ghost or demon or the devil himself. I also don’t know if the kid is somehow involved and in my mind I tend to mix it up with the scenery from “the mist” at Daves House.
I think it came out about 2003 or so, but it had older elements in it, the feeling was very much like a 70ies horror movie would be, somehow like the original carrie.
I hope so so much that someone has an idea about which movie this could be.

4 thoughts on “Searching for Horror Movie about a haunted house

    1. Thanks! But it definitely wasnt Amityville Horror from 2005, I’ve watched this one a few times and there never was a scene with red eyes. Also, Ryan Reynolds was not the actor in the searched movie. But I’ll definitely look into the original! Maybe it’s what I’m searching for.

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