Searching a movie when i watched long time ago

Hi guys, I’m searching a movie when i watched long time ago.

Story takes place in USA in 1950s. There is a guy who gets married to his childhood friend, beautiful girl. His father also knows her, right before the wedding he tells her that she is too good for his son, and asks one last kiss.

Right after wedding the guy starts having some problem with confidence and can’t have sex with his wife. And these sexless life leads them live in separate. He leaves for another town. She stays with her blind grandma. After some time, the wife meets one guy who actively tries to seduce her. At first she tries to rejects his moves. One day the guy visits to her house and while they all three (the seducer guy, wive and blind grandma) talk, he makes moves to her, but she like runs to her bedroom to upstairs. Then he cames after her to bedroom. At that time she was sitting at her bed and by her behavior ready for anything. So they have sex and she gets pregnant. The guy has no commitment to her and leaves her. And then it happens that the seducer guy and girl’s husband is working at the same plant. But they don’t know each other. One day, the seducer guy tells to coworkers how he seduced sexless woman and makes them laugh. The husband is also listen it. Then the husband realizes that that guy is talking about his wife. Then they exchange some punches. Then the husband  returns to his wife, by that time she has given birth and has a child. Then they start living together.

That’s all I remember.

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