SciFi/Mystic around 2010 about an old man controlling group of creatures and a group of people with…

… soldiers fighting with the old man.


I’m looking for a movie but dont know the name. This is an sci-fi with some mystic elements from about 2007-2010. Very interesting and serious atmosphere and modern special effects. I saw it on TV in Germany on one of main channels around 2010. I think this is an american movie, but I saw a part of it in german.

Know only some scenes:

1. An old man in a forest surrounded by some black creatures that running maybe on all fourth like gepard. Looking a littlebit like Aliens from Ridley Scott movie but the head is more normal, not long. I think they have a tail. The man is for some reason the boss of this creatures. He have control over them (or is one of them?) They go trought the forest in a direction, they have an aim.

There was impessive scene. This man standing in the forest( the camera drives to him) and the creatures running toward some direction but under his guidance. (Mind controlled)

2.  Its deep night. Nothing to see.  Group of soldiers have build a defense to defend themthelves from this creatures from 1. Part of the defense are army crates.The soldiers have a hard fight but they disappear one by one. The creatures wins. The soldiers who still lives go back because of defeated.

3. Stil living soldiers, some scientists or just normal people go into an very old building from ancient civilization. They open a secret and come into a very special room. For some reason this creatures from 2 and 1 running on walls but dont attack the group of humans. The room is very mystic like in the movies of Tomb Raider.

4. Maybe? The old man from 1. is speaking with a woman from the group. They dont fight in this moment.

Have someone an idea? I have already asked on other forums, people say often this is Predators or Aliens vs Predators or their derivates. This is not! I know AVP, A and P but this movie is non of them.

Thank you very much for your effort!

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  1. Sorry but this is not Starship Troopers not 2 not 3
    I know this movies. 🙂

    The universum is earth our days. No future, maybe near future but all looks like our time.

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