Science Fiction movie from the 1970’s aired on Television

If anyone can help me with this movie/show, I would be very grateful. It has stuck with me since my childhood; and yet nobody seems to remember anything about it.

This must have been around 1977 or so, maybe 1978; but definitely not after that time. I am certain I saw this on television; as it was doubtful I saw it in a movie theater at 7 years old.

I remember that there was some sort of child/creature that was from some other dimension (think Chuka from Land of the Lost sort of)..humanoid-ish,  maybe fur? For whatever reason, this child/animal/humanoid thing was in the care or study of a woman doctor/scientist.

All I can remember of the scene that has stayed in my mind all this time is at the end, the doctor/scientist makes some heartbreaking decision to send this creature/child/humanoid being back to wherever it came from via some sort of portal/beam/transport. It was necessary for some reason; it’s health, or some sort of persecution of the being..unclear.

She starts the transport/beam/portal thing; and the creature/child/humanoid is standing in the midst of the beam (some horrible 70’s effects, I recall…) and it is crying for the woman/doctor/scientist out of fear and it loves her, or thinks of her as a mother, or something. The doctor/woman/scientist, sobs as the beam/particles/transport start to alter/transport/disintegrate the small being, and at the last moment, she rushes into the light/portal/transport with the child/animal/humanoid and wraps her arms around it and is transported to wherever it was going along with it.

It may sound cheesy, but it was a poignant enough image to stay with me for over 30 years.

I could swear the doctor was maybe mid-30’s, attractive with sort of a Dorothy Hamill 1970’s haircut.


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