Sci-Fi Short Film 2 People Facing Each Other and Eating

This was a very short film on the Sci-Fi channel some time in the late 90’s. I don’t know if it was English-made or otherwise as there was little to no dialogue.

It all took place in one room, likely a very small apartment, almost like a closet. I believe the colours of the room were very dim and dull. There is a possibility that it may have been done in stop-motion, although I am fairly certain it was not claymation.

Two people were seated facing each other and it was a mealtime. One of them pulled the other’s tie like a dumbwaiter rope, reached into his button-down shirt, and pulled a tray of food out. At another point he also made utensils pop out of the other person’s ears.


This was not a horror film. Both characters were alive. It was just mean to be very odd and probably more meaningful than I was able to comprehend at the time I saw it.

Thank for any help! 😀

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