Sci-fi movie with people stuck on a spaceship

I saw this movie, I think on the Sci-Fi Channel back in the early 2000s. (Definitely prior to 2006.) It was in English.

I *think* it might have been a Sci-Fi original (or an episode) but I’m not sure on that. It was in color.

What I remember of the plot:

There is a crew on a spaceship (or station?) it was a pretty small crew, like maybe 7 people tops. Anyway, something gets in to the station. I’m remembering it being a gas, maybe? Not 100% sure on that. In any event, people start dying and nobody trusts anyone else.

What I distinctly remember is at the end of the movie, there are two men left. One of whom is the sorta-villain (in the “I’m looking out for myself, screw you all” way.) And they know they only have space for one. (I think they were fighting over a space suit or an oxygen tank or something.) They decide to play cards (or a chess/some game) to see who will get it. The winner ended up cryogenically freezing the guy who lost (without telling him) so they both survived.

I’m sorry that what I remember is so sparse. But I distinctly remember that ending–and that the asshole guy kinda redeems himself.

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