Sci-fi movie from 1990’s-early 2000’s

Hi everyone,

This is a sci-fi movie I watched when I was younger and have been trying to find the title for the longest time with no luck. It was in English and was filmed in color.

I believe it was a sci-fi movie that had to do with these slimy creatures that kind of resembled/acted like leeches but were much larger in size, kind of like mini-octopus?? I think the creatures might have been created by the government, I can’t quite remember. There are two specific scenes I recall, one was that this creature was inside a mailbox and when someone opened it, it attacked and latched onto their face (sorry for the imagery).

Another scene was when a person was taking a shower in a large stand up shower place (like in a locker room) and you see them showering and then they turn around and the camera angle cuts to the creature being on their back.

I recall much of the movie with the creature being on people’s backs. Idk why. Even on child’s back and they were so nonchalant about it like it’s no big deal.

If you can tell me what this movie is, I would greatly appreciate it!!


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