Sci-Fi – Kids with powers – Secret formula..

So it has been a while. Maybe the 90’s since I saw this. I probably saw it on TV but I believe it was on a movie channel.

So I cant remember everything about it but I remember some scenes and some parts of the plot. These things are totally jumbled up but here goes.

  • The “good” kids are being chased because of something they have. I believe it was some sort of secret formula. At one point they disguise it in a suitcase (but it isnt really the formula it was like hotsauce or something).
  • The “bad” kids chase the “good” kids through a market. The bad ones have a scream power that breaks a fish tank. When it hits people they are stunned.
  • There are like two girls. One good one bad. Both with some sort of precognition. They draw their visions in notebooks. The good girl has better visions when she is drunk.
  • The “bad” kids are asian and members of something like yakuza.

I may remember some other things but I am afraid I am jumbling more than one movie together.


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